The Fireside Philosophy

When you’re in the business of protection, nothing matters more than trust. This is why we keep an unwavering commitment to quality and integrity at the core of all we do. It isn’t just about how we engineer and design our products to be better than everything else on the market; our philosophy also extends to the way we treat our customers, applicator partners and internal personnel.

Edward Lloyd, President of Fireside Coatings, has been involved in designing and applying specialized coatings for biomass and utility power generation, pulp and paper, cogeneration and chemical processing industries for over 30 years.  He especially enjoys providing recommendations and technical assistance to our customers.

Ed has held positions in production management and executive positions as Vice President and President of several industrial applications companies during his career. He has designed and provided technical specifications for many of the protective coating systems currently being used to protect boiler tubing and other high temperature industrial process equipment worldwide. He has personally managed many application projects in Europe, South America, Asia and North America.

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