Specialty Coatings

Though our state-of-the-art ceramic coatings are designed to excel in the vast majority of environments, there are situations in which a specialty coating may be the best solution. This may be due to placement of equipment, multi-purpose plants or equipment, or proprietary equipment design or composition.

Because Fireside Coatings actually develops all its own coatings and works exclusively with application professionals for real-world feedback and insight into how our products work and perform in the field, we are uniquely qualified to work hand-in-hand to create a ceramic coating that delivers precisely what your operation requires.

Our scientists and chemists will give you the benefit of their years of expertise so that you may experience the same Fireside Coatings advantage that every client and operation deserves.



REF-78 is an advanced energy saving, high emissivity thin film spray applied ceramic coating specifically formulated to be applied to refractory hot face surfaces to re-radiate heat. The efficiency is accomplished by increasing the re-radiated component of emissivity. The coating is a high solids system which can be applied to a dry film thickness of .06 to .012 inches (150-300 micron). Containing no volatile organic compound (VOC) content, REF-78 creates a sprayed-on thermal barrier coating that can be applied to refractory substrates and is also used to ridgidize fiber insulations.

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  • Reduces corrosion of pulp and paper recovery boiler (lower furnace) water wall tubes
  • Prevents corrosion and erosion in coal fired utility boilers
  • Prevents erosion of CFB water wall tubes
  • Prevents erosion of economizer tubes
  • Furnace refractory lining


  • Boiler water wall tubes
  • Superheater and reheater tubes
  • High heat ducts and piping
  • Boiler Roof (XP-61-S only)

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